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Language Practice Resources

100 Top Resources to Learn Japanese

They have included paid and free study resources.

Easy Japanese

“Easy Japanese”, free audio and text lessons.

Edo Period E-Book

Animated e-book for learning Japanese while learning something about the Edo Period (intermediate and advanced).

Genki Conjugation Cards

Exercises for Japanese verb and adjective conjugations.

Japanese Quiz

Learn vocabulary, Kanji, postpositional particles, grammar, and daily conversation while you answer the quiz questions.

Kanji Alive

Amazing (and free!) resource designed to help Japanese language students of all levels learn to read and write kanji.

Kanji Connect

Test your kanji knowledge with this great app. Start with flashcards and then play a game!

Learn Japanese with Erin

A free Japanese learning site, full of audio, video and other content to make learning fun!

Links Zip

Sign up for account to view 80+ free Japanese lesson videos and to search study abroad opportunities.


Use this helpful app to test yourself with flashcards and multiple choice tests. Our favourite feature: you can draw katakana and hiragana to test your writing skills!

Phrase Maze

Practice your vocabulary and sentence structure with Phrase Maze!


A resource for online Japanese study and online Japanese tests for self-study and self-assessment.

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